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Kashmah is offer domestic free delivery access to all areas of the sultanate through the transport company. In the case of shipment to Gulf states, kashmah provide free shipping in the case of the purchase of a number more than 2 glasses or the total value of the purchasing more than 90 RO.

Shipping takes in a normal days from 3 to 5 days, if you purchase in the official holidays of the shipping will be in the first days.

– You must provide the exact address in order to ensure the rapid and accurate. Must Include the address No., building or the villa or apartment number in addition to the name of the street, city and postal code must be of the codification of the phone number and the name of the person concerned, in accordance with the model annex upon registration.

– Once a request for your purchase and after the completion of the process of the payment successfully, kashmah team will contact you to determine the details of the shipment.

– You can also follow up your request electronically through the case of procurement from kashmah site. service to “delivery” is the daily service except on Friday and to the nearest office of the National Transport in your state.

– If you purchased a commodity and did not comply with what you want, you can return it during a period of not more than 3 days of the date of the receipt of the goods is still the original packaging.

– If you receive a different commodity specifications mentioned, or was experiencing a malfunction or a defect; you have the full right to return kashmah bear the return costs.

– If the return is due to dissatisfaction with the user has the right of return is the condition that undertakes the value of shipment and delivery.

– After the confirmation of the return process we return the money to you.

Warranty validity be active throughout the period specified in the commodity, starting from the date of purchase, according to the following items:

– warranty is valid only when the providing the voucher warranty, which contains the basic information, if loss of the voucher you can communicate with kashmah to restore information, and extracting it again. kashmah retains the right to refuse the warranty If you delete information or changed after the original purchase of the product.

– We in & kashmah reform the fault or the replacement of the defective part or replace the product itself, including finds appropriate.

– Warranty does not include any other cases non-defects in materials, design and manufacturing.


The warranty does not cover:

– periodic checks and maintenance, repair and replacement parts as a result of damage or excessive wear resulting from the normal use.

– Improper use.

– Product damage as a result of improper installation or used in a way that is not compatible with the instructions or technical standards or safety standards.

– Accidents or natural disasters or any other causes beyond the control of the factory.

– The amendments are not dependent on the product to coincide with the technical standards.


1. We need a personal information such as your name, shipping address, e-mail, phone number and similar other information. And some additional information about you to the process easier in the coming times, in order to offer you the offers better.

2. we never collect information about your credit card or any details of your bank account.



1. We reserve entitled the protocol of the Internet and the date and time of the visit and the type of internet browser that you use the address URL Any Internet sites that your destination to our site, In order to deliver you better service.

2. We may log phone calls with the Center for Care of the users. With the aim of tracking care services for users and performance.


The policy change:

1. may be the amendment to the Convention on the privacy of this at any time, and the amended version of the Convention in force as the date of publication. After that, when you use the site you are committed to the terms and conditions contained in the amended version of the Convention. Will we are informing you so.

2. In the case of sale the site, we will may to spell out your personal information to the buyer, with a view to the continuation of the activity of the site.

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